Friday, May 25, 2012

Home again!

Just a few last photos of our last day to finish off.  I expect there are some very exhausted Year 4's this evening.
We have had a brilliant few days due in some way to the lovely weather but mostly because the children were such brilliant company.  Mr Forewell, Mr Leeder and Mrs Taylor did a fab job and Miss Bailey was an absolute star!!
There was about 4 schools at Kingswood altogether and when you see that many children together you realise just how polite and lovely our Roydon children are.  Hope you have a great weekend!!

If you would like one of these group photos let me know!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Comedy winners and birthday fun

This is the winning comedy act from the Scrapheap Challenge. Enjoy!

Freya and Lillie enjoyed an evening of birthday surprises!

What a fun packed day!!

We have been sooooo busy today.  Breakfast was followed by aeroball, zip wire and leap of faith.  The children have been amazing!  Most had a go at the Leap of Faith and nearly all managed it.  They certainly have more nerves than I have!!  We have been joined by Mrs Bradford today who has been up to visit and joined in with our activities.  After a tasty lunch of homemade pizza (not a patch on Mrs Elvin's though) we headed off to save Swampy.  This involved a walk in the woods looking for environmental evidence (bugs and leaves!). It was a very long walk and the children were all starting to flag by the end of the walk(See Georgia's pic!).  After a  short break everyone was feeling much more lively for the quad bikes.  To finish the day the children have been involved in a scrapheap challenge which started with groups performing comedy sketches to win the best resources.  Will try and add the video!!  I hope you enjoy all our pics from today.  Please don't panic if you don't see your child in any.  We haven't sold, lost or swapped them but with 44 children it is difficult to have everyone in the right place for pics.  We do try our best though!!

Thank you for the lovely comments you have left so far.  We are going to read them to the children tonight after a surprise birthday cake and some present opening.  Happy Birthday Freya and Lillie!!!

Georgia was a little tired!